Piece 34: Morning Thoughts

. I flatulated again,
. The violent ejection of pent up gas shatters the silence of my dwelling.
. Unmoving, I suffer through the angry/bitter sulphuric smell.
. It will pass just like all the other moments of my life, equally unimportant.
. S t r e t c hing to unknot the spasms stabbing my spine
. Caused by my corpulence, my rotund gut [ex t e  n  d   i   n   g]
.                                                  heav
.                                        and              ing slightly with every thick, needing breath.
. A dejected look on my visage
.                                    as disappointing thoughts pass fleeting through my mind.
. Is there really any more to life than this?
.    Does my health really mean nothing to me?
.                                                                          Did I leave my front door unlocked?
. I wonder these things but they change nothing.
.                                                                            I change nothing.
.                        Everything stays the same.


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