Piece 36: Her Life Was Her Most Important Performance

.        Like a script of a play
.               She declared her lines with stage direction on the side.
.                                              Scribbled notes in the margins, to be referenced later.
.           A story unto herself, an enigma unwritten.
.                  The acts of her life, a storyteller’s dream.
.            Filled will suffering and bleakness,
.                      Overcome by her passion for the arts.
.                                                                             a i r
.         Her voice when spoken carries in the
.              And >>impacts>> eardrums, resonating with those enraptured.
.  The slightest movement exaggerated, and purposeful
.                        Is felt by the audience as if she were acting only for them.
.     A myriad of emotions expressed and absorbed according to her whim.
.                                       Spellbound, they watch.
.                                They cry for her, laugh with her
.                       And become indignant when she is slighted.
.                                                                                               Alone, she was broken.
.                            While acting she’s part of a whole.
.               A freedom found in the lives of parts,
.                             Opening the way for personal healing.
.                      Allowing her to blossom,
.                  And become what she had always dreamed.